The aim of CirclesEurope Association

The support, development and promotion of Circles of Support and Accountability Services (Circles) across Europe according to the commonly agreed Circles model and with the intention of assisting similar developments elsewhere.

Launch of CirclesEurope

On November 2018, the  CirclesEurope Association has been officially launched at the CEP conference on sex offender management.
Here you will find our CirclesEurope Application form to fill in and send to:  [email protected]
We hope to be able to welcome Circles providers and CoSA friends from all over Europe! 


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CirclesEurope has two types of membership: full membership and associate membership.

  • Full membership is open to organisations which are delivering Circles according to the “Definitions and Standards of Circles” as laid down in the internal regulations and/or which serve in an umbrella capacity for those organisations.
  • Associate membership is open to all private, public, profit, not-for-profit and government organisations and bodies  with  an interest in and commitment to the principles and objectives of Circles and CirclesEurope.
  • Individual associate membership is open to all individuals within or outside the Council of Europe area of interest, with an interest in and commitment to the principles and objectives of Circles and CirclesEurope.

Associate members have the same rights and obligations as full members, with the exception of voting rights at the General Meeting(GM).


Benefits of full membership

  • One or two reduced fee places for CirclesEurope conferences, depending upon CirclesEurope’s resources.
  • Access to Circles materials which will be produced by CirclesEurope; materials will be provided in English and may be used for translation in the own language by the full member.
  • Use and benefit from mutual support, consultations, funding ideas, evaluation, research reports and research proposals and invitations, marketing materials, volunteer recruitment and support materials
  • Receive a half-yearly CirclesEurope newslette

Benefits of associate membership

  • Notification of and invitation to CirclesEurope events and to the General Meeting
  • Access to the European Handbook
  • Access to the CirclesEurope Full Member network for national contact names and details
  • One reduced-rate place at CirclesEurope conferences
  • Alerts to planned and developing Circles evaluation and research initiative
  • Receive a half-yearly CirclesEurope newsletter

Annual membership fee

  • Full membership: 40 euro
  • Associate membership (organisations): 25 euro
  • Individual associate membership: 10 euro

To become a full member or associate member: fill in the  CirclesEurope Application form and send to: [email protected]

We hope to be able to welcome Circles providers and COSA friends from all over Europe! 

Any questions?  Contact us at: [email protected]


CirclesEurope is a private association, registered in Utrecht, the Netherlands (RSIN 8588.94.592), and subject to Dutch law. CirclesEurope is enabling membership from public and private organisations and natural persons from countries represented on the Council of Europe, and who support the aims and objectives of CirclesEurope. 

The CirclesEurope Association is the result of Circles4EU, a European project which was operational in 2013 and 2014 and was funded by the European Commission. It aimed to establish a European Circles Network that is able to act as a centre for support to new Circles initiatives. In addition, it was to act as a unifying force to attract and commit new European Circle initiatives to unify values, standards and processes on shared principles of competence, practice and quality control. 


The permanent board is at the moment:

  • Riana Taylor, CirclesUK (chair)
  • Ann Castrel, COSA CAW Antwerpen (secretary)
  • Marijke Bijlsma, COSA Dutch Probation (treasurer)
  • Kieran McCartan, University of West of England (general board member)

Circles Europe policyplan 2022-2023

Statutes of CirclesEurope june 2018

CirclesEurope Internal regulations june 2018

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

General meetings
Minutes general meetings

General meeting minutes 2020

financial year-reports General meetings
Financial report 2021
Financial report 2022

Supporters of CirclesEurope

CirclesEurope Association is small, but steadily growing. This is also made possible through the practical and financial support from our supporters.

If you want tot support the development of CirclesEurope, please share your thoughts and contact us at: 

[email protected]

or make a donation: 

NL73 RABO 0332 4136 67 (BIC code RABONL2U) 

CirclesEurope is supported by the following organisations:

AVANS Hogeschool

Avans University of
Applied Sciences
Centre for Public Safety
and Criminal Justice

P.O. Box 732
5201 AS  Den Bosch
The Netherlands

Conferdeation of 
European Probation

P.O. Box 8215
3503 RE  Utrecht
The Netherlands

Circles UK
Abbey House
Abbey Square
Reading RG1 3BE 
United Kingdom

CAW Antwerpen

Lange Lozanastraat 200

2018 Antwerpen


Reclassering Nederland

Dutch Probation Service
P.O.Box 8215
3503 RE  Utrecht
The Netherlands